The Bridge Youth Service has a commitment to the provision of programs and services from a strength based perspective and utilises a model of excellence and continuous quality improvement that is imbedded in its operation through:


  • A commitment to working collaboratively and in partnership with key stakeholders



  • A commitment to developing a team of highly competent and qualified staff



  • Formal accreditation by government appointed bodies


    Genuine and formal evaluation of programs and services






We believe in the strengths of young people


The Strength Based Approach encompasses young people owning their information, being present and influential at all meetings about their situation or giving the support worker permission to attend for them – to enable a feeling of empowerment in gaining control over their own wellbeing.


Young people and their families are encouraged to seek out solutions through their own existing resources, including personal experiences, family, community etc before formal support is explored. This method allows for young people to become independent and resourceful without the use of welfare provisions.




QIP Accreditation


The Bridge Youth Service is QIP Accredited (Quality Innovation Performance Accreditation).


This involves analysing and examining systems and processes context of the organisation’s Guiding Principles and Policies to ensure that we “achieve what we set out to achieve” and that the organisation’s principles and philosophies are intrinsic in everything we do.


The principles of Continuous Quality Improvement are embedded in the organisation at every level so that the work of The Bridge involves an ongoing focus on how to improve what we do, involves others in the change and develops processes to create better outcomes.