The Bridge Youth Service is a local organisation that works specifically with young people aged 12-25 and their families. The Bridge Youth Service values the support of its local communities and works closely with other organisations to ensure the best outcomes for young people.


As a not-for-profit incorporated association The Bridge Youth Service is funded primarily by government, but also receives valuable support from the communities in which it works and from its Opp Shop “Revamp” which is its primary fundraiser.


Located in Shepparton and Seymour, The Bridge Youth Service is a free, friendly and confidential service that welcomes young people and offers a professional team of qualified and experienced staff to work with young people and families and help them find solutions to the challenges that life presents.


At any one time The Bridge Youth Service would be supporting as many as 200 young people and their families throughout the LGA’s of Moira, Strathbogie, Shepparton, Mitchell and Murrindindee. In a typical year The Bridge would see between 1000 and 1500 young people who benefit directly from specific and structured support, participation in groupwork programs, involvement in mentoring programs and involvement in youth events.